Stanley Farrugia Randon is a medical doctor and a Council Member of Din l-Art Helwa

08 Dec

High-Rise Buildings

by Stanley Farrugia Randon Definition Before discussing high-rise buildings, a definition has to be established on what we actually mean by high-rise. According to me a high-rise building is one which goes one or more stories higher than that allowed by the...

06 May

Contrails or Chemtrails?

by Stanley Farrugia Randon Many people are wondering what the many aeroplane trails they are observing over our islands could be. Contrails are normal as they are caused by aeroplane engine exhaust and form due to condensation (hence...

03 Aug

Where were you?

by Stanley Farrugia Randon To all those who ask ‘Where were you during the previous Governments’? I invite you to read this sequence of events and judge for yourself. It is true that Din l-Art Ħelwa is normally associated with the...

17 Apr

Referendum – a victory for both

by Stanley Farrugia Randon Notwithstanding the two party leaders opportunistically said they will vote ‘Yes’ in the referendum to remove Spring Hunting, nearly half of the voting population voted ‘No’. The ‘Yes’ campaign was based on instigating...

22 Nov

More foresight for foreshore

22nd November 2014 by Stanley Farrugia Randon The foreshore is a unique ecological resource which supports various activities that are intensely related to the well-being of a community. Unfortunately, the Maltese islands do not have large coastal areas which...

04 Nov

Building on common good

by Stanley Farrugia Randon Why are Outside Development Zone (ODZ) permits granted if the same term implies that no development is allowed within these zones? Strictly speaking, an area which is ODZ can only be developed if the...